While Talad Noi might not be the name that quickly comes to mind when you visit Bangkok,
this neighborhood is packed with irreplaceable charm of a traditional community, captivating
street art, as well as hidden temples and shrines that have been the center of local faith for
decades. Spare maybe a day or two of your Bangkok trip and discover this gem of an
unseen maze tucked away in the heart of Bangkok and you will be mesmerized by the burst
of life and creativity virgin to the eyes of most tourists.

With just a few minutes away from AGO Hotel, your day will mark another memorable
experience as you appreciate local history, cycle through alleyways of artistic architecture,
relish tasty street food of Bangkok Chinatown, and pay respect to local temples for good
fortune. Talad Noi has so much to offer that you might find yourself longing for more after
the trip is done.


After years of being overshadowed by Yaowarat, the world famous Chinatown of Thailand, Talad Noi has now seen an unprecedented number of tourists, both local an international, who flood the area and revive this hidden community. With several historical landmarks and cultural spots, Talad Noi will surely charm and enchant.

Holy Rosary Church or Kalawar Church

With heavy influence from the Portuguese who built it in 1786, only a few churches in Bangkok can match the beauty and grandeur of this two-century old architectural stunner.

Siam Commercial Bank

This Neoclassical architecture is celebrated as not only the oldest but also the most beautiful operating bank in Thailand with its delicate windows and elegant structure. Strolling around the area is very recommended, but only during operating hours.

Sol Heng Tai Mansion

Another landmark of Talad Noi community that has drawn an influx of tourists and selfie-obsessed youths over the years. The majestic establishment is open for up-close admiration with food and beverages offered on the premise.

Street Art Trok San Chao Rong Kueak

These alleys of local residents are adorned with not only Chinese way of life and furniture but also paintings, murals, and photography exhibits from local artists under different themes. See for yourself the artistic perspectives from a different world.

Little Rusty Fiat 500

The car is rumored to have been parked here for decades and now it’s just the leading actor of the feature. Instagrammers from all over Bangkok and even other provinces flock for a snap with this fun local star.

The Vietnamese Temple

This temple is magnificent in its own right with Vietnamese – Chinese architectural influence and a combination of various Thai and Chinese Buddhist images. The sense of diversity can never be more evident.

Chow Sue Kong Shrine

A Hokkian shrine situated only a few steps away from Sol  Heng Tai Mansion is one of the most ancient and most respected in the community. Throughout the day, observe local Chinese residents coming to offer Chinese buns and pray for good health and prosperity.

Hon Wong Kung Shrine

The statue of emperor Gaozu is housed in this rustic shrine which is extra lively during the lunar new year festival, especially among local residents with Chinese descent as it is famous for its ability to grant good fortune to worshipers.

World Class Local Taste

Immerse yourself in the explosion of life, chaotic vibrancy, and the taste celebrated globally that will not only open your eyes but also blow your mind. From the hot and aromatic noodle soup to seafood just perfectly cooked to retain the juicy texture, Yaowarat has it all and it’s the culinary experience you can’t afford to miss.

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